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Ayurvedic Kansa Wand Face Lift Massage

This is a deeply relaxing and nurturing face massage. It supports rejuvenation of your skin and can open and clear blocked energy channels, increase your energy levels and bring fresh blood and oxygen to your face.

An Ayurvedic Kansa Wand Face Lift Massage involves a gentle massage on specific Marma points on the face. In Ayurvedic medicine, Marma points are concentration of life energy. They can be referred to as the junction point of consciousness and matter.

Regular Ayurvedic face massages can restore balance to your body and help reduce fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. Just one session will bring new glow to your face and have you deeply relaxed. Through the massage, toxic waste gets eliminated through the lymphatic channels

A Kansa Wand is a facial massage tool from the Ayurvedic tradition. It is made of wood and Kansa metal (copper and tin). The Kansa metal balance the three humors or doshas (combination of elements in the body) and the skin’s pH level.

Kansa brings out the glow that comes from oxygenated blood. Kansa clears blocked energy, increase circulation and lymphatic drainage, encourages sleep, reduces stress and anxiety, and strengthens the immune system. It supports elasticity of the collagen fibre.

‘I so loved the Ayurvedic Kansa Wand Face massage with Eva. Eva is so very gentle in her approach and makes this a beautiful experience. I came away glowing and felt loved and nurtured. While the face mask was on, Eva gave me Reiki and I sank into a deep relaxed space. This relaxation stayed with me throughout the day, as did the glow!’ Jennifer Bertram Hilton.


Reiki is an energy healing with Japanese origins. Reiki is a gentle hands-on-healing technique that channels ‘universal energy’ through the palms of the practitioner. Reiki is deeply relaxing and helps energy to flow freely throughout the body.

This healing modality enhances learning, memory, and mental clarity. It encourages physical healing and well being.

To receive Reiki is a wonderful and deeply relaxing experience. There is no need to remove any clothing to receive Reiki. Reiki is non-invasive, non-manipulative and deeply nurturing.


I offer coaching to help you create positive change in your life. I support you to begin to live with more empathy for yourself and for others and to learn the tools to move forward with ease and flow.

Connect with your authentic self and live your life as an expression of who you truly are and what you are here to do.

Learn to identify the inner voices that want to sabotage, criticize and hold you back.

Life is beautiful and meaningful when you free yourself of these negative voices.

In person or via Zoom.

‘I searched a long time for a counsellor who could build the rapport I needed in order to explore my stress related issues. I have now seen Eva regularly for 3 years. Through her professional guidance, Eva helped me see positive traits in myself instead of viewing myself as a failure. I find it a bonus that Eva has much life experience and can easily relate without judgement and has the ability to see things from different perspectives.’
Kaye Smithfield –  Mandurah

Sandplay Therapy & Symbol Work

Sandplay Therapy is a highly therapeutic and multidimensional form of therapy that offers the opportunity to portray rather than talk about feelings and experiences. Sandplay operates on the premises that the psyche has all it needs to heal itself.

Through sand and miniature toys and figurines, your inner symbolic world is illuminated to you.What is hidden in your unconscious becomes visible, healed, and integrated in your consciousness. This allows for your life to be lived in a more conscious and authentic way.

Sandplay is a direct method to establish an inner connection with your Greater Self.

One Sandplay session can give you significant insights and bring positive change to an issue. It can give you much needed clarity and a new perspective. Sandplay therapy can also be a long term process to work through more difficult issues.

‘Eva held a safe space for me to gently and powerfully explore my non-useful behaviour and thinking. I found Sandplay both fun and informative. Eva asks just the right questions and allowed me to go at my own pace. Thanks Eva!’
Tana Garnett – Fremantle

I offer Sandplay Therapy sessions for women to gain clarity on issues that are holding them back from living a meaningful life with an open and joyful heart.

Sandplay is based on the psychology of Carl Jung and developed by the Swiss psychoteraphist and teacher Dora Kalff. 

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