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Celebrating This Year

2021 – for me it will be remembered as a year that felt like an Accelerated Express Tour around the Sun! How was your experience of that swift passing of months that made up 2021?

This year is finishing in a hurry and we will suddenly find ourselves deep diving into the year of 2022. Will you take a moment to catch your breath, to dream and imagine the possibilities for yourself and the world? What are you longing to make of the adventure ahead?

How about creating a sacred space for a conscious completion of this year and spend some time drafting a plan and a vision for the next? A space to touch base, to honour and to cherish, to let go, release, dream and envision.

I am offering this sacred space as a gift to you in the form of The Devi Living End of 2021 Reflection & 2022 Creative Vision e-book.

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Have you heard of this outrageous Australian woman – Leonie Dawson? I think we all have much to learn from her in terms of authenticity and showing up as ourselves, something she does in her hilariously crazy way which happens to be just how she is. She is also an incredibly talented and successful business woman.

At the end of last year she shared 100 things she had done in that year. She herself got inspired to do this by another person who does this every year, Austin Kleon.

Well, I am going to do the same right here and give you a rundown of not 100 (it proved more difficult than I would have thought!) but 50 things I did this year! Maybe you will get inspired to do the same?

It could be a fun and simple list or a deep and thoughtful one – and could help make the Reflection and Creative Vision e-book more profound. It is a way of celebrating, remembering, honouring, and cherishing life and the experiences and achievements we had during the year.

One way of remembering what happened in 2021 is to go through the photos on your phone, ask family and friends if they remember things you did or go through your journal or diary if you have one.

You might have had a great year or a very difficult one. However the year unfolded for you, taking time to reflect can serve as a cleanse or digestive process. Both tears and laughter are part of life. I certainly had both this year.

50 things I did in 2021

I interviewed eight fabulous and inspiring women for Devi Living – what a treat! (If you missed any you can find them here.

I connected with the best ever go-to IT person – Rocky in Sydney. Life would be harder without Rocky!

2021 marked 14 diverse and happy years together with my man. We celebrated by having a gorgeous day-adventure in Fremantle.

I travelled with the Prospector train to Karlgoorlie with my man to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary.

I became a Certified Relationship and Conflict Resolution Counsellor.

I trained as an Ayurvedic Kansa Wand Face Massage therapist and began offering these divine face massages.

I fell in love with Ayurvedic face masks!

I said yes to look after a rabbit and through that we found and bought our dream home. It sounds crazy but it is true!

 I had to massively downsize to live in our new home and discovered the joy of less is more!

I began running online mental fitness trainings as part of my training to become a Positive Intelligence Coach – and stretched myself a lot!

I met with my Positive Intelligence study-buddy American friend Jody almost every week on Zoom. (Jody is also a Kundalini Yoga teacher and I did an interview with her that you can find here)

I cut myself on a saw and spent a few days in hospital…

I had a super lovely Mother-Daughter getaway at the Crown Hotel in Perth.

I went though a very stressful dispute and learnt just how bad stress is for the body.

I went on a mini holiday to beautiful Margaret River in the South West and loved every minute.

I kept my altar, dedicated to the Great Mother Devi, alive and active for most of the year. At times I forgot to be present to it… and felt the difference (If you love the Divine Feminine, I wrote a blog post in honour of the Great Mother, here)

I swam in the ocean every month through winter for the first time ever. So hard for me to do, but so worth it!

I did a Mung Bean cleanse and lost 4 kilos.

I bought myself a new bee suit and got back to being a keeper of precious bees. (If you are interested in beekeeping, you can read the interview I did with beekeeper Akyra K here)

I planted lots of flowers in our garden for the pollinators and for the sheer beauty of it!

I joined my first ever Book Club, with three wonderful women. We read Universal Human, Creating Authentic Power and the New Consciusness by Gary Zukav – and had such great conversations.

I had heavenly Ayurvedic body treatments three days in a row in a local Ayurvedic clinic – Lakshmi Ayurveda in Fremantle. I hit a new level of relaxation.

I took part in a 13-week intense online ‘Healing the Witch Wound’ program that totally changed my whole perspective on who the witches were. They were women just like us. (This lead to an interview with Eimear Stassin that you can read here)

I discovered hidden unhealed aspects of my Inner Child and went through a big positive transformation.

I missed some people madly and cried a lot at times. (I wrote a blog post about difficult times here)

I bought beautiful art by the talented Fremantle artist Kylee Larsen. (If art is your thing, here you can read a Devi Living interview with Zambian, Dutchbased Wajipha Chongwe, and with American artist Mishea Obiji here

I got myself a bike  that I love!

 I FINALLY became an Australian Citizen! Why did it take me so long?

I began to really love myself  – just the way I am and just the way I look. (If self image is an issue for you, you can read a Devi Living interview with German performer Verena Schmitt where she talks about the pressures around the feminine body here)

I invested money in companies that do good for the planet.

I began doing regular Ayurvedic Jiwah Prakshalan (tongue scraping) and Abhyanga (oil massage) self massage. So addictive!

I increased my water intake enormously! Hydration is my new thing.

I took a stand for the environment and signed petitions, wrote politicians and attended rallies. To be continued next year and every year.

I found a softer side of myself.

I had a DNA test and found out that I am much more than what I thought I was. It came with some surprises!

I simplified my food and fell in love with Ayurvedic cooking. (If you are interested in Ayurveda, you can read a Devi Living interview with Peta Crogan, an Ayurvedic practitioner from Fremantle, here)

I took my Inner Judge’s ruthless and relentless negative voice by the horns and told her to stay away from me. Forever.

I discovered online yoga and fell in love with the Brazilian teacher Nubia Teixeira and her gorgeous Patreon classes.

I spent hilarious and loving times with my furry grandchild – humongous, cheeky, and beautiful Nala. Rhodesian Ridgeback.

I discovered my home away from home, a Swedish Café in the heart of Fremantle – Lets Fika (Means – Lets have a coffee break)

I cancelled a trip to Sydney due to Covid…

I booked two air tickets to Kununurra in northern Western Australia and can’t wait to go there. (This came about because of an interview I did with photographer Sarah Duguid. You can read it here)

I graced our home with many beautiful pot plants.

I went on a wine tour to local wineries on a spectacular spring day.

I fell deeper in love with my man. Love is such a journey.

I deepened my connections with some of my long term women friends. Friendships are like air and water, to be massively appreciated as vital. (I wrote a blog post about sisterhood here and did an interview with dancers Melita Harvey and Richelle Spencer – they spoke about sisterhood here)

I let go of some people that no longer felt good to have in my life.

I rekindled my creative nature and found new ways of expressing this creativity.

I was confronted by mortality through a friend’s incurable brain cancer.

I lost a chain and a pendant, and they come back to me in mysterious ways on separate occasions. How precious!

Yes, this and so much more!  Have a try and see how much you can remember from this year! It is quite lovely to reflect and to feel gratitude for the richness of our lives…

Here is your link to The Devi Living End of 2021 Reflection & 2022 Creative Vision e-book. And with that, I want to thank YOU for this year and for reading Devi Living’s blogs and interviews.

I wish you a rich, juicy and fertile 2022!

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