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Blessings of Abundance

I am sitting here a few days before 2021 begins to unfold. It is a crucial year for humanity and for the planet. Who knows what will unfold for me, for you and for life as we know it, in 2021?

I have always loved the unknown, it seems so ripe and responsive to my vivid imagination. I like to imagine things to turn out ok in the end and so I quite willingly step into this coming year with that same trust.

Sitting here at the end of 2020 I feel my imagination is calling to me in a new way. What do I really want reflected back to me? That is what I want to imagine, both for my own life and for the bigger life we all share. Imagination is often thought of as fantasy, something for kids to engage in. But imagination is powerful and potent, that’s why athletes for example imagine themselves winning a race in order to win. It is also a lot of fun!

What can we imagine for the world in 2021? I can think of so much and I am sure you can as well. For me, a good place to start with is to imagine what I want from a place of fullness and abundance. I have just recently deepened my understanding of abundance. Abundance is abundantly in us and around us when we begin to see value in what we already have, what the world already offers and most importantly, who we already are.

We think we need more, or to be more, to feel or be abundant. This sets us up to constantly feel we never have enough or that we never are enough. This is the same as a scarcity mindset – seeing lack and what is missing instead of what we already have.

I have always loved Lakshmi, the Goddess who bestows blessings of Abundance. I feel now that the blessings she is said to bestow is the experience of value and enoughness in what I already have and THAT is what creates more abundance in my life. I don’t need to ‘get’ anything in particular, I just have to ‘get’ that there is already enough in what I have. An abundant mindset stimulates creativity and turns challenges and problems into gifts and opportunities. From this place I can begin to imagine and create a life of more love, purpose, and joy, for me and for others.

To see great value in everything I encounter and in everything that I experience, what a blessing! I already have enough, and I am enough. I can stop looking for more and stop living from limitation and lack. I can begin to create from the fullness that I have and from the fullness that I am.

To create I must first imagine. One of the things I am beginning to imagine right now for 2021 is a world that sees great value in what we already have and in who we already are.  From that abundance, surely, something great can emerge!

If you would like to get your imagination going for 2021, here is a Creative Visioning 2021 pdf as a gift to you from Devi Living.

A Meditation of Enoughness

To help anchor yourself in your enoughness and fullness, you might want to carve out a few minutes for the meditation below before envisioning 2021. Lets carry the feeling and knowingness that we are enough into the new year. I will keep on doing this meditation to remind me where to live and create from. Eden Trenor from Shakti Rising, an organisation that educates and empowers women, is guiding this meditaion. Enjoy!

Enoughness Meditation with music on Vimeo

I wish you a truly incredible 2021. May you create this coming year from the fullness that you already are. May you be that woman who sees blessings and great value in herself, in others, in everything she experiences and in everything that surrounds her.

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  1. I love your writing, Eva, so it’s not surprising that this latest blog was a pleasure to read. May we all grow together in abundance. Thanks for the Creative Vision and meditation. Jody

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