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I am so happy to meet you here!

I started Devi Living to inspire myself and women like you to live a life that we can deeply love, where we are inspired to live with a sense of purpose and authentic joy.

There are so many things happening and changing on our beautiful Earth right now. It is easy to feel hopelessness, frustration and anger with how slow the positive changes are. The ones that would be of immense value for us as a collective of life on the planet.

It is also an exciting time in many ways as well. If you scratch the surface there are many seeds that are beginning to sprout, showing us that a new future is emerging. Some seeds have already begun to flower! Devi Living wants to inspire and highlight those. There are so many new and exciting ways we can live our lives that don’t harm the Earth, animals, plants and us. There is also so much ancient wisdom being brought to the surface for us to tap into.

Once we participate in those new and ancient ways, we begin to create lifestyles that we can love and cherish. It gives us purpose and joy to be a part of creating a new world where everyone can thrive.

The world needs you and me to do our best to bring those positive changes about. If you and I live this way, we can literally be a force on behalf of Life and of the positive changes we crave.

My deepest desire is to be a part of these life affirming changes and that is how Devi Living was born. Devi is the higher feminine aspect of you and me. She is wise and knows how best to regenerate, rejuvenate, and reconnect with what really matters. Devi is also simultaneously the benevolent Universal feminine energy, the Great Divine Mother, the one whose wisdom and love can penetrate our lives if we are willing to let it in.

I am committed to inspire my own life and that of yours. I don’t have any more wisdom or knowing than you. Everyone has a part to play, I am playing my part here at Devi Living. I hope to meet you here, often.

In Love, With Purpose, In Joy



“Eva is wise and deeply spiritual, but she is also funny and light. She is genuine and authentic in everything she does and always strives to be in harmony with herself, her surroundings and the planet. Eva is an amazing writer: for most of us our written words walk onto the paper, but for Eva they dance! I will always look forward to her next blog post!”
Melita Harvey, Author of Blissfully Dead – Life Lessons from the Other Side, Fremantle


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