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A Sacred Steppingstone – Are you ready?

I like to tune in to the astrological energies of the heavens as an added dimensional backdrop to my daily life. Attuning myself to the vibe of the cosmos helps me make sense of what is going on both in my own life and in the big wide world.  I get the information I need from astrologers that I follow and to me, it’s a bit like listening to the weather forecast.

I like to focus on the higher octaves and the higher promise of what the astrology presents.  My personal outlook is that the stars are here to guide, teach and inspire us, not to punish us or make our lives more difficult.

Devi Living is not an astrology site and so I will not go into any astrological details, mostly because I am absolutely not qualified to do so! But, there is much going on in the heavens right now that is supportive of massive and much needed change. We are all being asked collectively to step up in some way to birth a new world, a world that is heart based and operating from a higher place and from our higher selves. The heart cares about others, the wellbeing of Earth and all life. Our higher selves can see more of what is needed for us to flourish and thrive. What other choice do we have anyway if we want a good future for ourselves and future generations?

I am thinking a lot about this. We are in the middle of a huge paradigm shift and it would be a shame to miss the moment by playing small or hope that someone else will fix the many problems we are faced with.  It is time to step up! Everyone has a part to play, small or large. Even if we step up for our own lives only, we bring about a needed change that will affect others as well.

To bring about positive change sounds wonderful but of course, it often involves a time of chaos and disruption when all the ways and structures that are no longer working or viable are still to a degree visible and running our lives. There are many disruptive energies around. Astrology tells us there is more to come. To that I say – let’s take care of ourselves and those around us and let’s go gently. We can add doses of beauty and kindness to counteract any destructive energies that we encounter.

There are also many constructive energies available to us right now and the heavens are offering plenty of stellar help. To that I say – drop in and tune into your deepest and most true desires and let that guide you to step up in some way. How can you be a part of the solution, however small your part reveals itself to be?

If you got to do what mattered most to you, what would that be?

If you were a Divine Visionary, what higher vision would you hold for yourself and the future of all life?

If you were a Magical Weaver, what would your threads be made of to craft a new world for yourself and others?

If you were a Creative Dreamer, what kind of dream would you bless yourself and the world with?

If you were a Sacred Warrior(ess) on behalf of life, what would you protect with all your might?

If there was a Sacred Steppingstone in front of you that would lead you closer to that magical woven fabric, that blessed dream, the precious protection, would you take that step? In real life, what would that look like for you? Only you know.

If the thought of taking that step triggers fear, terror, shame, avoidance, or any type of discomfort – take a deep breath and connect with that. What voices are behind those uncomfortable feelings?  Do you question yourself and your ability to step up and bring about positive change for yourself and for a bigger purpose? Is there an inner critical voice that puts you down and gives you reasons why you are not the one to do it?  Question that! Unfelt and unexamined, those uncomfortable feelings and critical voices act as obstacles on your path that stop you from doing what you feel called to do.

Get curious what your obstacles and discomforts are and express them in some way to release their hold on you. Breathe them out, write them out, talk them out, dance them, paint them, or cry them. Speak firmly with them if tough love is called for! Be curious about them. Thank the critical voices for really trying to protect you in the past but let them know it is now time for deep transformation. This is personal work but there is no need to do it all alone, find the right people to support you if that is what is needed. Transform your wounded parts to become your gifts.

The world needs us to be more empowered and liberated versions of ourselves. Can you be curious what lies beyond the discomfort?

Without the willingness to break through the discomfort, those feelings and the negative self talk will block, stop, stunt, and keep you small and scared. Maybe forever longing for what calls you. And the world misses out on YOU and your precious unique gifts and out-of-the box solutions, your creative ideas and fierce offerings!

For myself, a deep desire that felt aligned with a higher calling was to start Devi Living. I grew up with a mother (bless you Mamma) who in response to my creative dreams always said with a frown – ‘who do you think you are?’. Well, in the end I thought I was nobody and I kept my dreams inside myself as well guarded secrets.

A few years ago, out of the blue, I connected with a kindred spirit who also encountered similar self doubts every time a larger vision presented itself. We formed a support group for two members only and always opened the meetings with a Creative Vision invocation. Together we shone huge spotlights on our fears and were so brave in sharing them with each other.  To be seen through this lens brought both of us to a vulnerable edge. There was much good medicine in this. Apart from the gift of witnessing another in their vulnerability, I learned to be honest with my feelings of self doubt but not to let them run my life. I learned to be kind to myself when I felt small and insignificant. I got to love myself no matter what. I also got to love being seen for being who I am and heard for what I have to say. 

It took two years of candid exposures and accountability tasks in fortnightly meetings with this soul friend to work up the courage to put myself out there in a more truthful way and to launch Devi Living!  I still face many uncomfortable feelings, but I know now that they are just that, uncomfortable feelings. Living on the outskirts of my comfort zone beats the comfortable place that is ultimately unfulfilling in the long run.

How do you know what your part or your thing is? How do you know what to step up to? Your heart will remind you of the calling. It will feel right when you find it. It probably has to do with something you care deeply about or that comes naturally to you. You will feel on purpose and authentic. You might need to create space and silence in your life to receive guidance and knowing.

Sit in a quiet space and connect to your breath. Open yourself up to receive a vision or a sense of what YOU are here to do, or what you can do to contribute to the collective of life. Breathe in to your heart. You can hold your hands in the prayer position in front of your heart and then cup your hands slightly to form a bud like shape.  What is your heart opening up to? Feel the support of Mama Earth in this quest. What would she want you to do? Feel the support of the heavens and Great Mama Devi, the Mother Goddess of Life. What would she want you to do? Sit in surrender and allow images, words and feelings to guide you. Trust that you will know.

Maybe you already know what it is for you, but you question it. Maybe you are one of the many who have already stepped up and you feel on track and on purpose. To be on purpose and to act are important masculine traits. The feminine way is to receive the guidance to what that purpose is and knowing what action to take.

Maybe what is asked of us is not only to step up but to step forward and contribute to life from our own uniqueness. Imagine what we could create together, and the ripple effects it would set in motion!

Step up, step forward or both – what’s your next Sacred Step? 

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