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I had the good fortune to visit my native Sweden in the middle of the northern winter at the beginning of this year. It was cold, grey, and barren and incredibly beautiful to me.  When I returned to a hot, sunny Australia and a season of raging wildfires, the sudden change in environment, climate and landscape opened my imagination in new and creative ways. Could it be possible to change my own life and my own personal spaces with the same ease and speed?

I got inspired to look at different aspects of my life as being parts of a creative, diverse landscape, all with their own microclimates and types of environments. The question became – are they environments and climates I want to live in?

I know that I want the world to be a diverse, expansive, healthy, abundant, inclusive, and kind place – so how is my own little mini-hub going? Does it have its own vibrant biosphere and balanced weather systems that will make me thrive or do things need to change?

I started by looking at the health of different areas of my life and my immediate surroundings. How would I describe my home environment? What climate do I live in with my husband, my friends, and my family? How would I describe any area of my life from the perspective of different environments and climates? I played with words and images. I brought in the elements.

I found too much fire in some family dynamics, too little air and movement in my financial situation, an overflow of watery emotions in one environment, too much earth making me stubborn in others. I spotted a climate of distrust in a business situation, a climate of warmth with my husband, a cold climate around some old friendships. I discovered areas that were neglected and in need of nutrient-rich soil and some that were overgrown with weeds and needed some serious attention. I found the deserts, oceans, mountains. Flow and overflow. Movement and stagnation. Places that screamed out for tender love and care for me, or for others. Some areas were sprouting abundantly, and some were ready to sprout, just a little bit of patience needed.

I am fascinated now to see my life through this lens. Some environments are clearly lacking in growth, some climates not as easy to live in as others. Some have a heavy, dense atmosphere; some are filled with life-giving oxygen. Some areas are uninhabited, unexplored, or barren. How can they begin to thrive and become truly nurturing joyful and life-giving environments?I began to visualise the ideal  conditions, those that would create a balanced and healthy microcosm for my life. I thought, if my life is in order, it can begin to blend with other healthy microcosms to become a large shared balanced whole. That could create the world so many of us feel we want to live in. Bingo!  This is Devi Living to me. Created consciously – in love, with purpose, in joy.

To change the weather and to improve the environments in my life is like playing in a creative playground. My thoughts can instantly bring rain, hail or shine, my words can create storms or calm the seas. The people I surround myself with bring sunshine or gusty damaging winds. I am aware that whatever I allow into my little mini-universe will affect the balance and wellbeing of it. This is a work in progress, of course.

I sometimes imagine a lot of space around me, my own biosphere. I like to immerse myself in that space and just let it surround me, just as the spacious biosphere does around our beautiful planet. It feels like a loving embrace.

Sometimes in meditation, I add birds and butterflies and abundant exotic flowers to this empty space. This is balm for my longing of beauty and peace. It helps me maintain balance in my world, to care for myself, my surroundings and those around me. And the world feels like a damn good place to live in.

I would love to hear how you describe YOUR microcosm!  How do you desire it to be? Have you found ways that work for you in changing your climates and improve the environments in the micro hub that is your life?

4 thoughts on “A Creative Playground”

  1. My microcosm: in this very moment, with Corona at our side: some days are a covering of soft snow, one connected milky existence. A tone-downed world. A winter overcast sky, covering the bright blue, fluffy white and yellow of a more energetic, expansive heaven. And while this sounds drab and lacking in something I’d wish to have, there is in there the gift of stillness. Introspection. A seed planted. Internal growth.

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